Draft Gray Davis for DNC Chair

Democrats need a DNC Chair who will lead with dignity. The Democratic National Committee needs seasoned moderation, demure advocation, and centrist consideration. The Democratic Party needs Governor Gray Davis as the next DNC Chair!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Official Response to Dean Speech

Howard Dean Speech -- Official Response

Conviction? Is that all Dean has to offer? What about compromise, I didn't hear anything on compromise which is the bedrock of our DLC/DNC strategy. Just complaints about the elections not being fair (tinfoil hatter), complaints about health care (get a job with insurance), complaints about education (works fine at my kids' private school), complaints about the budget (deficits are caused by liberal programs).

We need a solid conservative who will be dignified in defeat. We need Gray Davis. Please print petitions today.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Dignified Democrats present "Official Response" to Dean Speech

The Dignified Democrats effort to Draft Gray Davis for DNC Chair now has the big Mo' with coverage from the Hotline (if you don't have a subscription you shouldn't be concerning yourself with inside-the-beltway issues like choosing Party leadership). We were also covered by MyDD's Cattle Call and discussed at great length during this morning's Aristocracy of Consultants conference call.

Tomorrow, the Dignified Democrats will present the Official Response to former Governor Howard Dean's speech. Visit us at 1 PM Eastern to study the talking points we need to repeat if we are to maintain our control.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Dignified Democrats for Gray Davis

Democrats need Gray Davis to lead the Democratic National Committee. Here are some of the many reasons why we need Governor Gray Davis for DNC Chair:

Gray Davis is Dignified
Screaming like Howard Dean is unrefined. Gray Davis remained distingue after being evicted from the Governor's Mansion. Texas energy traders spent years raping California and Gray Davis never once squealed. Gray Davis knows how to take it like a man and a gentleman at that. We need a dignified DNC Chair -- we need Gray Davis.

Gray Davis is a Compromiser
Gray Davis knows how to deal considerately with the GOP through discussion and compromise. In fact, at the end of his term as Governor many of his top allies and donors were Republican. We need a moderate compromiser -- we need Gray Davis.

Gray Davis is Electable
Gray Davis reached a 62% approval rating in February of 2000. In two of the last four election cycles (1998 and 2002) Gray Davis received the most votes of any Democrat in America. Davis would still be in office today were it not for the recall provision in California's Constitution (since this was written by progressives it is only further evidence of the harm done by those too afraid to governor from the center). We need electable Democrats -- we need Gray Davis.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Split Leadership

According to the Washington Post, Democratic Governors have called for split leadership:

At their news conference, the governors endorsed a split role for party leadership, calling for a model that includes a national spokesman and a chief executive officer.

If this occurs, the Draft Gray Davis Committee has voted to endorse:

Gray Davis for National Spokesman

Bob Shrumm for Chief Executive Officer

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Contact DNC Members

We need a Dignified Democrat to lead the DNC. Contact DNC Members and let them know we need Gray Davis.

DNC List PDF (from Daily Kos)

Draft Howard address list

Phraxos phone list

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Draft Gray Davis

We, the undersigned, petition Gray Davis to run for Chair of the Democratic National Committee:

Name ___________Address ____________Phone _________Email

Complete and send to:

Office of Governor Gray Davis
9130 W. Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 228-2857 phone
(310) 228-2904 fax